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Why Our Products Over Others? 2018-04-24T14:05:17-07:00

Our products come from High Country Oregon Farms. I personally know the products from seed to product and all the handling processes in between. They grow organically using permaculture and microbial in the soil. They never use pesticides but rather use plant ferments. They use only beneficial insects and biofundicide for pest management. There is a right way and a wrong way to dry and cure plants. HCO cures their hemp in a controlled environment from harvest to production.

Then they make the oil under a chemist’s direction with scientific equipment using a clean solvent and making sure all fats and lipids are removed during a dewaxing process through extraction techniques. When you buy oils that you don’t know the process leaves you in the dark as to what you’re actually getting. There can be bad harvests, insects, mold and mildew. You need to know how the flower was grown and what type of pest control was used, how it was cured and stored.

There is great value in being connected to the farmer. I sell directly from this farm.

Things to know:

When the agriculture test, they only take a sample out of a large field. People can put all kinds of les than desirable mixtures in their biomass. Some companies don’t use the flower but use only the trim which has a much smaller CBD and cannabinoid profile than a whole plant extract. HCO uses the whole plant extract. This matters. Also, it matters if it is a full extract or an isolate. As well as, is the isolate from the USA or China? It can also matter where the biomass source was made from…if from Canada, it won’t have as strong a CBD content than if domestically grown. Canadian biomass is usually below 10% CBD. USA Hemp can be upwards of 22%+. And new strains are being created all the time.

If you’re taking CBD to inspire your health, and stimulate balance within the body, you’ll want to be aware of where your CBD is coming from and how it’s handled. At HCO, you can rest assured we take the upmost pride in creating the healthiest product available. You might pay a bit more for our product, but you’re getting your monies worth.