Our pets become our family. And when one of them suffers from seizures we hurt for them. I watched helplessly as one of our friend’s dog had an epilepsy seizure. Of course, that threw me into research mode to help.

I had no idea that 3% of dogs suffer seizures from very small short-lived ones to basically grand-mal seizures leaving the dog scared, exhausted and traumatized (to say nothing of the affects on their owners.)

Some breeds suffer from epilepsy more frequently than others, it seems to be a disorder that’s inherited.

Our natural CBD dog treats has seen excellent results for stopping or minimizing seizures in our pup clients!


Tank is an elder bulldog with seizures and constantly shaking like the symptoms of Parkinson. His owner tried everything, but nothing worked. Two months ago, he gave Tank CBD dog treats twice a day (5 mg each). We’re celebrating with Tank who is 99% seizure and shake free. Tank is getting to live his elder years as a dog enjoying life. Tank is one of the reasons we do what we do.