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CBD Use and Your Health 2018-05-08T11:09:00-07:00

If you have a medical condition, always consult with a professional health care doctor before consuming CBD. A doctor will be able to tell you how to use CBD and which doses might be most beneficial. Although reports show that there are little to no contra interactions like with prescription medications, it is always best to do your own research and discuss with your doctor how to build a plan of usage.

When beginning CBD, it’s best to start with the smallest dose possible. Everyone reacts differently to various supplements. (For example, CBD pain rubs work instantly on me, but takes 20-30 minutes to work on my husband, and still yet, I’ve seen others either have no relief or need to double their amount.) It’s always wise to do your research, talk to your doctor, start small and develop a sense of what’s going on with your body. You’ll know in 3 days if the dosage is working for you. If not, that’s when you might want to go to a higher amount.

My research tells me that 200mg is the max anyone should take and that amount is reserved for chronic cancer patients.

What if you take too much? The side effects of too much CBD can be varied from person to person, but typical reactions are feeling sleepy, diarrhea or a stomach ache.

Some very general CBD dosage guidelines are:

Treating general health: 2.5-15 mg. CBD by mouth daily

Treating Chronic Pain: 5-25mg CBD daily (we’ve seen great results for severe pain at 50 mg)

Treating sleep disorders: 40-60 mg CBD by mouth daily

*Remember though to include your personal physician in this discussion prior to use.