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CAN CBD TURN INTO THC? 2018-04-24T14:06:57-07:00

One of the commonly heard myths is that CBD can turn into THC (the part of Marijuana that gets you high)

This is a not true according to research. Read for yourself here. 

From the studies at Project CBD:

“Orally administered CBD is well-tolerated in humans. But concerns about possible harmful side effects, which might limit CBD’s therapeutic utility and market potential, were raised by misleading reports that CBD converts to high-causing THC in the stomach. It does not (read the evidence). There have been extensive clinical trials demonstrating that ingested CBD—even doses above 600 mg—does not cause THC-like psychoactive effects. (On the contrary, CBD in sufficient amounts can lessen or neutralize the THC high.) The World Health Organization studied the issue and gave CBD a clean bill of health in a 2017 report that asserted: “Simulated gastric fluid does not exactly replicate physiological conditions in the stomach [and] spontaneous conversation of CBD to delta-9-THC has not been demonstrated in humans undergoing CBD treatment.”

*Project CBD 

If you wish to manage muscle and/or joint pain, and you are concerned about taking a UA drug test then use external CBD products.

Or you can do what I did to assure my own proof; while taking oral CBD, I purchased several UA drug tests and took them every 3-4 days thus proving to myself that there is NO THC in CBD products (or the amount is so low it doesn’t accumulate in the body.)