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We love our pets; so when one of them hurts, we are often willing to try anything to make them feel better.

Since our pets also are vertebrates, they have an endocannabinoid system. Cannabis or CBD boosts the body’s own endocannabinoid system balancing the immunes and lowering inflammation. When traditional medications fail to help your pet, CBD may be  an alternative.

Very little research has been completed on cats and dogs, but when I saw the results on myself, I started my 15 year old lab on a very small dosage. In 3 days, she went from barely being able to get up from her bed, to once again climbing onto the couch and jumping out of the back of my car. Her spirits are more upbeat which I assume is due to the pain management. There’s some thinking that the anti-inflammatory properties to CBD help to heal joints and arthritic conditions.

Originally, the vet had put her on Norvax, but when I researched the side-affects I wasn’t comfortable giving them to my companion for an extended amount of time. And the surgery to repair the knee join came in at $5000–something we considered but were unable to afford. After researching less expensive surgeries, I never got comfortable with any one else.

I personally suffered a severe knee injury in a fall. I partially tore the ligament that holds the kneecap in place, tore the head of my gastrocnemius (calf muscle) where it inserts into the back of the knee, sprained my ankle (rolled it) and the muscle from the outside of my ankle to my knee. Why do I tell you this? The recommendation was surgery but the repair I was told had a 50/50 chance of being successful. I opted for natural treatments, physical therapy, and join support. Although it took a year to slowly build everything back up, I’m currently kick boxing an 80 pound bag with 90% contact. Even the doctors can’t believe I’ve healed up to the degree I have. I BELIEVE IN NATURAL REMEDIES. I’m not saying traditional medicine is bad, but I personally prefer natural when I can.

CHO treats are made with coconut oils and infused with a small amount of CBD. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND NOR DO WE SELL THC PRODUCTS FOR PETS. As with anything you feed or do for your pet, check with your Veterinarian first.  

Faced with the decisions to reduce our lab’s pain, put ourselves in credit card debt or try natural CBD, we chose CHO dog treats. We’re glad we did!

A portion of your purchase supports the Oregon Human Society! Do your part today to stop pet homelessness.


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